Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Importance of Music In Phys. Ed.

With todays schools becoming more and more technologically advanced it's important to keep up with the times.  There is a lot of specific ways that you can incorporate technology but I'm to focus on music incorporating music into ones curriculum. I quickly learned from my experiences at St. Mary's that music can be vital to controlling a class. However, music is also important in ways that it helps students express themselves. This is why I believe that dance should be taught throughout physical education programs throughout the nation. This not only expands students horizons on music that isn't played on radio stations, but also teaches rhythm to students at a young age which can come in handy in several life experiences such as most sports and also any other situation where you might need to cut the rug. 

St. Mary's Lab 4 (Object Control Skills)

When we visited St. Mary's the children seemed to have an extra amount energy that is always nice, but is partially harder to control. Since I was a part of the special projects group I got to observe the other student in our Motor Development class, and that's when I realized that on some days even the best attitudes and best techniques don't work. It is important to perceive that everything is going to plan and just keep a good attitude and not let the children get you down. After a while the children did start to participate. This opportunity gave us nice chance to record some good data regarding the overhand throw and catch. The 2 children being studied were Oscar, a 6 year old and Beth, also a 6 year old. I was later informed that Oscar is currently playing in the local little league, and needless to say, he was rather talented for his age. On the other hand, it was obvious that Beth had never really dabbled in baseball or softball. A full chart of the skills recorded can be seen here.