Monday, January 31, 2011

Skill Development Fundamentals

Being a future physical education teacher, basic motor skills  are imperative for many reasons. The motor domain is important to teachers because it offers teachers away to standardize the physical education field by measuring basic motor skills such as throwing a ball or kicking a soccer ball.

The cognitive domain is important because this area helps our future students comprehend the skills they will eventually be tested on. This area is also important because children are multi sensory learners and require more the doing an activity over and over again to learn it. The affective domain is important because it teaches skill to children that they will not only need in a physical education class, but skills that will become important throughout the rest of their lives. This domain teaches children to act, interact, and react with other people as well as with themselves, a skill necessary in all walks of life.
The following link is website that briefly describes all of the domains I have just talked about

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