Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Supersize Me

In one of my classes we were watching the film Supersize Me, which I am sure you are all familar with. This movie takes an interesting look at the obesity trends of youth in America. I've seen the film several times, but this as a now physical education, I noticed an interesting part within the film that dealt with physical education. In this part of the film they looked at two particular phys. ed. programs throughout the nation.
The first program was in a mid-western middle that had facilities similar to that of the Tolmek facility on Cortland's campus. This one of the most well-run phys. ed. programs in the nation, and showed with their students being significantly under the nations average for obesity. This school was really doing things right. On the other hand, the film looked at another program that was the exact opposite. This program only one gymnasium and students only met for physical education once at week. This school also had extremely unhealthy lunch, and these tow factors really showed within the student population as far as obesity went. These are just two looks at how physical education can be, and should be, and the sad thing is that when it's done wrong, it's the children who are affected.

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