Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cartoon Week at St. Marys

This was a fun week at St. Marys. Although there wasn't enough time for our entire group to go, I still observed a lot of great teaching techniques and did a lot of vicarious learning through some not-so-good teaching techniques. The game I had planned was 'Temple Tag', but I related it some of the temples seen in the cartoon 'Johnny Quest'. There was a lot of action going on in the gymnasium as always and we got a lot of good feedback information with the children that were chosen to be evaluated. The boy and girl did each skill up to our standard and had a lot of fun doing it. After our gym time, we moved down to the cafeteria and had some good conversations and experienced a lot of behavioral trends within the students. In fact, I was even lucky enough to get invited to Lexi's birthday party, I just glad I got my invitation 2 months in advances. It was definitely a good day at St. Mary's and I learned a lot of good techniques that I will use in future visits to there.

Our lab evaluation also had some good information and can be seen here.

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