Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Importance of Standardizing Physical Education

There needs to be a nation-wide standard for physical education. I went to a presentation on why it should be standardized last semester and the presentor brought up a bunch point that really made me think. The first thing that the man said was about how every department of education has a national standard execpt for physical education. Math, science, social studies, english, etc. all have have measurable tests that make sure the students are learning what they're supposed to. As for physical education, the measuring of skills is mostly subjective and needs to move more towards the area of objective measuring. Some fields that we can measure are can be how many push-ups a student can do, or how far a student can throw a ball. Since students can come from very different athletic backgrounds, I believe the best way to measure the students talents is through progressions. The first day of class should dedicated to pre-testing the students. The rest of the classes should be dedicated to improving all the skills tested. Then the last day of class should be dedicated to post-testing all of the skills. Then based on the progressions made in each skill tested that is how the student will be graded. This is just a rough outline, but I do believe this is the direction in which physical education should be going.

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